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Coin/Token Information
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  • 08 Mar

    sorry placed this in the wrong area

  • 08 Mar

    wrong location

  • 08 Mar

    great can anyone list?

  • 11 Mar

    upvote counter is not working many followers have complaint about this , it return back to 51 each time check it for vuzzbee??

  • 12 Mar
    quangtruong bui


  • 14 Mar

    Well don gus this is perfect

  • 03 Apr
    Dada atinuke

    Great project

  • 03 Apr

    What is wrong with the summing up the votes. Look up the snovio coin it is still doesnt sum up the votes. Fix it or tell me what is going wrong with it. Our community has over 17k members on telegram but it is still 50 votes on your site.

  • 03 Apr

    This is the perfect design
    DeepOnion is one of the most promising privacy codes on the market. It is a hybrid PoW and PoS encryption that is integrated locally with the Tor network, which provides complete untraceable, anonymous and secure transactions. Because it is still in the air drop stage, it is still in most radar states. It is currently in Kucoin and Cryptopia, but the main exchanges are coming out. I'd love to see it on the Coinpulse.

  • 10 Apr
    Elman Salimov

    Радужная валюта имеет очень большие перспективы в будущем. Прошу добавить в ваш информационный портал эту валюту.

  • 17 Apr

    GREAT ...goodluck

  • 30 Apr
    M C

    check to see if your proposed coin is listed on
    and use data from / link to that coin information too please
    Let's together make CoinPulse a great place to trade all our favorite coins

  • 14 May

    Please add the Apollo crypto coin. The best feature rich wallet and utility.

  • 19 May
    mark anthony paranrat

    please add yolo cash

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