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NoLimItCoin (NLC2)


NoLimItCoin (NLC2) is the exclusively listed Cryptocurrency used to power our No Limit Fantasy Sports Platforms. No Limit Coin has super-fast and near instant transaction times and Ultra Low Transaction Fees. NLC2 is a Proof of Stake coin which pays out 4% per year in extra coins for staking and holding the coins in a local wallet. NLC2 allows us to have the lowest rake fees of any fantasy sports platform, we have cut rake fees by up to 75% over our competitors.


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  • 26 Feb
    Michaël Van den Steen

    Very dedicated team and community. NLC2 is looking to improve a very popular business using blockchain technology!

  • 26 Feb
    James Bennett

    Great team with a great working product and new sports being added to the platform soon. Awesome, active and enthusiastic community.

  • 26 Feb
    Sean Mann

    NoLimitCoin is the kind of coin that makes exchanges look good, because they have an amazing working product, and a hardworking team that is very involved with their rapidly growing community.

  • 26 Feb
    Jon Hollingsworth

    Regular participant on Fan Duel playing sports, luckily found this cryptofantasy website. No longer play on FD, NLC2 great platform, more sports coming soon. Community very helpful and knowledgable.

  • 27 Feb
    Adam Bankhead

    Would love to see NLC2 added to this exchange. Real working platform and coin use case solving a real problem on a global scale. Featured by many popular crypto Youtubers. Big things coming in 2018 and beyond.

  • 28 Feb

    If you want to play crypto fantasy sports, your best bet is NLC2. Reputable platform and a strong community.

  • 01 Mar

    This coin is a working coin, with a purpose to take on a 70 billion fantasy football market, and this doesn’t include the rest of the sports. If this captures just 5% of that, this coin will be worth $17.50 per coin. NBA, mma, Baseball, Soccer and the first ever Cricket will be added. This has all the making of a global sporting coin. The lower fees, will help take on the other competitors.

  • 01 Mar
    Juan Kojima

    NLC2 is soooo undervalued and this is the time to invest. The New UI is amazing and all the sports being added. Great having Will Walker whom is the Business Advisor and Joe Thiesmann and Johnny Chan as there Brand Ambassadors. This coin is still in the early phases and will continue to explode. Would love to have NLC2 on to your exchange.

  • 02 Mar

    Organic community with a great development team. NLC2 has alot of potential.

  • 02 Mar

    Coin that already has a use case, an updated user interface that's better than almost any other in its field (not limited to crypto/blockchain companies) and very active team / community.

  • 02 Mar
    NLC2 Dev

    NLC2 Dev here. You can see the passion from our team members, its real and its helping us reach new heights.

  • 02 Mar
    Eddie wilson

    NLC2 is looking to improve a very popular business using blockchain technology!

  • 02 Mar

    Very strong team/community!
    I Love NlC2.
    Nice platform.

  • 02 Mar

    NLC2 really goes above and beyond, plus you can buy nlc2 with a debit/credit card right from the platform, incredible and they have a 1800 number, any other alts have that??

  • 02 Mar

    One of the most undervalued and underestimated cryptocurrencies out!

  • 02 Mar

    Strong community, strong coin.

  • 03 Mar

    Greetings CoinPulse. I think Nolimitcoin has the potential to become a billion dollar coin as fantasy sport has a huge following and is a global multibillion dollar market. NLC2 is a great working product with a real world use. I believe it would be in your interest to strongly consider adding this coin to your exchange. Cheers!

  • 03 Mar

    This coin is going to revolutionize both the online and brick-n-mortar gaming industries. It currently has an OPERATIONAL platform where you can play Daily Fantasy Sports similar to DraftKings/FanDuel, but with better UI. Theyre working major deals with some of the biggest casinos in the business leveraging loyal brand ambassador & 10 time world poker champion Johnny Chan!

    By the end of Q1 (aka end of March), the team will have rolled out 5 HUGE platform upgrades. Expect a strong end 4 weeks!!

  • 03 Mar

    lets add this coin with real working platform. Most crypto dont have squad, NLC2 does have badd ass working product.

  • 03 Mar

    Transparent, engaged Team with a real-world use-case. Passionate community. Great starter coin for those new to crypto.

  • 03 Mar

    dedicated team, strong and passionate community, great add to the exchange

  • 05 Mar

    Working platform, 4% stake, blazing fast transactions, fantasy sports are HUGE. Nuff said

  • 06 Mar

    NLC2... great coin... working product... great industry and I hear many surprises to come in 2018 such as a secret game that's launching and an NLC2 debit card that will launch Q3.

  • 06 Mar
    Mr Hodl


  • 06 Mar
    Patrick Colangelo

    lets add another exchange

  • 07 Mar

    most undervalued coin around and just about to run on all 12 cylinders. NLC2 is a must add coin!

  • 19 Mar
    Eliezer Onah

    Great project. Am happy to be part of it.

  • 24 Mar
    NLC2 Dev

    Thanks for the votes.

  • 30 Mar

    The team is working with full dedication.
    The projects keeps transcending.

  • 30 Mar

    NLC2 has been used to power for months now, and the platform is growing a larger and larger user base everyday. The platform offers 4 DFS sporting games (Football, Soccer, Hockey, and NBA) and the recent release of the industry first, FANTASY CRYTPO! In this one-of-a-kind game, you create a fantasy portfolio of 5 coins/tokens and compete against other players' 5-coin portfolios to earn the most gainz in the contest's time limit. The winner earns NLC2 prize money

  • 09 Apr

    No Limits - All the Way Up Here we Go!!

  • 22 Jun

    Good for sport fans, I check out the website looks fun for people.

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