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Electronic Platinum (EPL)


Combined with the Blockchain technology, platinum will allow all owners of EPL to keep a foot in the real world while taking advantage of the cryptocurrency market. This assurance of the concrete material and the possibility to pay our purchases with it is at the heart of our project.

After extensive analysis and research, we have unequivocally opted for platinum. Unlike gold and silver, platinum does not suffer from demand-related variations. As an indication, it can be noted that this volume of variance is equivalent to 10% of the demand for silver and 1% of the demand for gold.

Blockchain technology allows us to make this metal accessible and usable. This is why we created EPL: to generate an alliance between a very precious metal and the guarantee of foolproof stability (crash, illusory variations, etc.) with a very real stock. 100% Swiss.

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Suggested by: LionelG

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  • 02 Mar
    Onibudo kehinde

    This is a big project to look out for guys.

  • 02 Mar

    Great project

  • 07 Mar

    Nice project

  • 08 Mar

    One of the best potentiel in crypto world !

  • 23 Mar

    Surely..this project is definitely going to be different and the best. Best teams and good community. Will surely move to the top

  • 23 Mar
    Olusola OLADOSU

    Great one meant to succeed.

  • 23 Mar

    List this hidden gem and see how it grows

  • 23 Mar
    Alagbe Simon

    A great project. Happy to be part of it

  • 26 Mar
    Chigozie Duru

    Awesome work

  • 03 Apr
    Kelechi okpara

    I vote for EPL

  • 04 Apr

    EPL add value to crypto currency

  • 07 Apr

    Great project

  • 15 Apr

    Great project I see EPL as an elephant. Giant stride. Watch out!!!

  • 17 Apr

    One of the best project in the market

  • 23 Apr
    Adekola Seyi

    This is one its kinds type of project,and its will be a privilege to be listed

  • 14 May
    H. dela Vera

    This project really deserves your attention! It is lead by a dedicated team and they have a really promesing Whitepaper. Go list them!

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