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Masari (MSR)


Masari (MSR) is a scalability-focused, untraceable, secure, and fungible cryptocurrency using the RingCT protocol.

Suggested by: Normanski

Under consideration

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  • 04 Mar

    Є надія що в майбутньому буде з неї користь.

  • 04 Mar
    Amy Sedarissy

    Pls. add Masari (MSR). Thx

  • 04 Mar

    Masari is no premine and real community driven Cryptonote Coin

  • 04 Mar

    So many bad monero forks... Then there is Masari! No ico, great community, upstream contribution to XMR, only .5 percent premine. I know I'd live to trade msr on different exchanges.

  • 04 Mar

    Masari, the name means money in arabic. Also it rhymes with Maserati.

  • 04 Mar

    Would be a great listing.

  • 04 Mar

    Excited to see this coin get adopted more widely

  • 05 Mar

    Why is this stuck at 50? people are complaining that their votes aren't being counted

  • 05 Mar

    Looking to buy and trade this coin please list

  • 06 Mar

    more exchanges means better future for masari when the bubble pops

  • 06 Mar

    Would enjoy to see this listed!

  • 06 Mar

    Masari , the only cryptonote coin i would mine other than monero. It has a dedicated, humble dev and a great enthusiastic community growing steadily everyday. I would choose MSR over Sumo or ETN(both i mined zero coins and i dont plan to mine in the future) anyday

  • 07 Mar
    Jens Müller

    Masari is being thoroughly worked on by a great dev. Expertise and interest in the community are making me follow the project day by day.
    I would love to see that coin listed. It is quality and people deserve that.

  • 08 Mar
    The optix

    Masari is the one true bitcorn's little brother

  • 09 Mar

    bright future of Masari and crypto night family

  • 11 Mar

    This is a promising coin with a great community behind it!

  • 20 Mar

    I hope to see that coin listed, very promising coin

  • 02 Apr
    Satohi Nakomoto

    Nice job team

  • 30 Apr
    Chum Bot

    Masari is still a relatively new coin, with excellent potential. It has a very
    active development team and community. I think accepting Masari on your exchange
    would not only be a great opportunity for the currency, but also for you; you
    will be one of the earliest exchanges to accept Masari!

    I believe it would be a great shame to pass on this incredible opportunity :)

  • 30 Apr

    Totally interested in buying Masari. Please add it to the exchange

  • 03 Jun

    Masari is bomb.

  • 03 Jun

    This coin's developers are great. If these guys can pull off blocktree-sharding, that will be huge for all the cryptonote coins.

  • 08 Jun

    Masari is looking to improve the scalability of Cryptonote coins.

  • 12 Jun

    If you don't list Masari you will regret about it. Developers are working on a number of unique features. This will be huge. Your choice. Love

  • 13 Jun

    Come to masari

  • 13 Jun

    I don't often PUNK, but when I do it's with ☆MASARI☆

  • 14 Jun
    Satohi Nakomotto

    Nice tiam, great projekt

  • 15 Jun

    Masari is to monero what litecoin is to BTC. Well, masari is even better.

  • 16 Jun

    Do it, it gets a custom algorithm.

  • 16 Jun

    Make yourself proud. Identify gem early.

  • 17 Jun

    This is beyond Monero's testnet. Their github speaks for itself.

  • 21 Jun

    The only coin that runs on CN-Fast

  • 24 Jun

    Great coin, really active development and nice community.

  • 24 Jun
    Blue Angle

    Masari is the coin of the community!

  • 27 Jun

    When develope the wallet sounds good.

  • 29 Jun

    Masari, get in early and reap the rewards, you won't be disappointed either as an exchange or a buyer.

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