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Real world value: Tigererum (TIG) - Message Money to friends and family on social media using a crypto bot already on Facebook
(link: and Telegram

Suggested by: samuel

Under consideration

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  • 14 Mar

    The best token, will hit $50 it

  • 14 Mar
    Darren Olney-Fraser (CEO, Tigereum)

    Thanks Sammy for putting Tigereum up here. Let's get the votes for TIG to be listed here on Coinpulse

  • 15 Mar

    TIG is a revolutionary idea to transfer money via any chat tool like messengers, telegram (alpha ready), Whatsapp, dischord etc (planned for future release). Give it a try and you'll know how disruptive solution for money transfer (including cross border transfers) this could be.

  • 16 Mar

    A revolutionary concept indeed. Fintech at its best so me thinks!

  • 17 Mar

    Tigereum is one of the most undervalued coin WRT its amazing features. I'm busy scooping at this lower price. Very soon I will be like Wow

  • 19 Mar
    Manuel Hassel

    Huge potential coin with real working product. The future is sending money as simple as sending digital messages! TIG is the first mover in the crypto space!

  • 22 Mar

    good project

  • 23 Mar

    This project has BALLS MAN

  • 23 Mar

    The best concept yet so cheap a product....why? Well, i bought in early so i think.

  • 23 Mar
    Mark Henri

    In a wrestling match or any fight we tussle it out for the once upon a time revolutionary concept - fiat, precisely the dollar, here we guys are gonna get crypto as early adopters......the likes of JP Morgan in fiat. But again we not just gonna get mere crypto but the revolutionary kind; TIGEREUM. Come join me purchase it when it is still cheap. Pretty sure i will HODL as crypto lot say it. Don't f***in ask me where the damn money is, it aint in fights, its got smarter in crypto; TIGEREUM.

  • 25 Mar

    looking forward to using it sooner, best concept of money transfer ever

  • 29 Mar

    Tigereum is the solution for Africa's unbanked and cross border transfers. Once people understand the product the potential of TIG is endless

  • 02 Apr

    Wow, it is good to know that this coin is suggested in this exchange. Looking forward for its listing here

  • 02 Apr
    Ban Ki Moon

    頑張れ Tigereum!!!!

  • 03 Apr

    This Project will be a hit before this year runs out, I can see it!!!

  • 05 Apr
    El Chapo


    TENEMOS en nuestras manos una buena oportunidad de ser libre economicamente, .si usted es una persona de visIon ..Sumese a este equipo ganador /.vamos adelante ...amigos.....

  • 05 Apr
    El Chapo

    TIGEREUM (TIG) ....

    TENEMOS en nuestras manos una buena oportunidad de ser libre economicamente, .si usted es una persona de visIon ..Sumese a este equipo ganador /.vamos adelante ...amigos.....

  • 05 Apr

    Tigereum token is becoming a name that will be heard almost in every household over the world, the project is a very good project and I will want it listed on your exchange, with it you will have lots of traffic to your site. A lot of people are waiting for this great opportunity to buy this token from your exchange and become holders of the great coin.

  • 09 Apr

    Great coin. I can see it reach $100. But why is the marketing so poor? This coin should be over $3 by now! Actually it is 100% tech but 0% marketing. Thanks to whoever suggested it here, it is how I came to know about it but hardly find any useful info on Steemit, Reddit and others. Tig is so good to be unknown!

  • 12 Apr

    Great coin for messaging! A new trend in money transfers....a paradigm shift indeed!

  • 13 Apr

    Banking over social media is a paradigm shift. Tigereum is the crypto player in this game changer. Now I do not think there is any coin that is more undervalued than Tigereum.

  • 16 Apr

    Great underestimated project with working product!

  • 20 Apr

    Great coin!

  • 21 Apr

    Great token!

  • 21 Apr

    Tigereum - TIG!
    The best token. Watch out for it.......if you are looking for one that will hit $500 within a year yet below $1 now, then look no further than TIG.

  • 25 Apr

    Woooow! A great coin. FOMO is real but not yet here, it will pop in soon.

  • 25 Apr

    A treasure yet to be discovered!

  • 27 Jun
    Zummia Fakhriani


  • 10 Jul

    Here comes the moolah! I see it. Tigereum is the way forward for we who do lots of remmitances!

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