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Ardor is a Blockchain as as Service platform (BaaS) that trully addresses the issues of blockchain bloat, scalability and versatility. Ardor solves the problem of having to store and process large amounts of non-essential long term data in the blockchain, by separating the tokens providing blockchain security from those used for regular transactions.

-Advanced Architecture: The unique parent child chain architecture of the Ardor Platform allow companies to build their products and services using child chains while relying on the security provided by the parent chain.
-Energy Efficient: The Ardor Platform uses the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm (100 PoS) which eliminates mining competition, therefore nodes can use low energy and economical hardware.
-No Blockchain Bloat: Child chain transactions can be removed from the blockchain once they are confirmed, to keep the actual blockchain lightweight and efficient.

More info at ardorplatform . org and jelurida . com

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