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Ignis is the first child chain on the Ardor Blockchain Platform.

The Ignis child chain is permissionless and without restrictions. It supports all the features that are available to child chains on the Ardor Blockchain Platform. It was built with the complete features of the 100% proof-of-stake NXT Blockchain with the exception of the ability to forge. Child chains don't need to forge on the Ardor platform.

Ignis features:

-Decentralized Asset Exchange
-Monetary System
-Decentralized Marketplace
-Decentralized Voting System
-Alias System
-Secure Messaging
-Account Leasing
-Account Monitor
-Coin Shuffling
-Asset Control
-Composite Phasing
-Asset Share Increase
-By-Property Phasing

For more information about how child chains work please visit these pages:
ignis . wiki / Parent-Child-Chain-Relations . html
ignis . wiki / What-is-a-Child-Chain . html

Detailed info at ignis . ardorblockchain . info , ignis . wiki and jelurida . com

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