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DashClassic is one of the tokens that uses P2P systems to transact between senders and recipients, with technologies that use smart contract ethereum to make DashClassic very fast and secure when making transactions, our team focus on creating DashClassic as a new payment method in the future, without there is a third party governing and all finances will be fully held to the user.

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Suggested by: MARCO ROMANOV

Under consideration

Comments: 32

  • 11 Apr
    Amir Jamil

    It should be listed here. It will moon.

  • 11 Apr
    omar hallouly

    pls add dashclassic

  • 11 Apr
    Gift ozara

    Great coin coming through

  • 11 Apr
    Sabbir Hossain

    Dash Classic is the next generation of Dash coin.

    Dash Classic Total supply is only 25 Million similar like Dash

    So Dash Classic are going to moon in near future no doubt about it

    Kindly add Dash Classic in this exchanger & help peoples to be connect with Dash Classic

  • 11 Apr

    Come on dash classic we are with you

  • 11 Apr
    Kingpvb Shah

    Nice project going to moon

  • 12 Apr

    Очень хороший проект!

  • 12 Apr
    Christian b

    Nice Project

  • 12 Apr

    Please list dashclassic is good token with 22k telegram members

  • 12 Apr
    Giáp Trần

    DSC is myfuture

  • 12 Apr

    Dadashclassic is the Best and fast p2p of now, 21000 members, 25000000 tokens,it Will grow faster

  • 12 Apr

    Dashclassic is the Best and fast p2p of now, it Will grow faster, 21000 members, 25000000 tokens. Intill december the price Will be 25$

  • 13 Apr
    Daniel C.

    Cool DashClassic will moon! Every days i dream with a lambo. Lets make it real with DashClassic!!!

  • 13 Apr

    Please list this coin ASAP thanks it's a good project

  • 13 Apr

    Великолепная монета! С нетерпением ждем листинга на многих биржах,в том числе и на вашей площадке!

  • 13 Apr
    abuzafar azad

    awsome project

  • 13 Apr
    John Obi

    Great project,

  • 14 Apr
    Van Dan

    Good project

  • 14 Apr

    Pls list the good project.

  • 14 Apr
    Silva Picci

    We need a digital monetary revolution and Dashclassic is on its way.

  • 15 Apr
    Jitendra jain

    Great project and grow very fast

  • 16 Apr
    vo thanh long

    Good project

  • 16 Apr

    Good project

  • 17 Apr

    great project.. dsc need listed here..

  • 17 Apr
    Arpita Singha

    Please list DashClassic

  • 17 Apr

    Good project...

  • 19 Apr

    potential coin this years

  • 20 Apr

    go go go TO THE MOON

  • 21 Apr

    Great project with great prospects

  • 21 Apr

    Good project

  • 29 Apr
    Bishwajit Singha

    Great project

  • 07 May
    Smriti Kana Singha

    excellent project

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