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Newton Coin Project (NCP)


This Crypto is Building Community to fund science by using PCs clock cycle.


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Under consideration

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  • 15 Apr

    It's a great coin!

  • 15 Apr

    fund the future.

  • 16 Apr

    By supporting science projects it is a useful coin!

  • 18 Apr

    The Newtoncoin Project is a special supporter of [email protected] in seeking the cure for illnesses such as cancer, HIV, Parkinsons, etc. Rosetta has been praised by The New York Times in Janaury 2018. I hope to see Newtoncoin listed in the market.

  • 18 Apr

    Very nice project Newton Coin

  • 18 Apr
    Rafiqullah Khan

    It is a nice and useful coin.

  • 18 Apr

    For the future of science

  • 22 Apr
    Andrew Kelly

    Probably one of only a few cryptonight coins that actually serve a purpose!

  • 24 Apr

    хороший проект Ньютон монета

  • 25 Apr

    ньютон продажи давайте биржи продаж

  • 01 May
    Ivans Matjusenko

    Tolka shto obmenjal Newtoncoin na Monero na birze -

  • 03 Jun
    Nicholas Albert

    Great coin for a great cause!

  • 04 Jul
    Trx World

    NCP has proved it as the volume and user base to be an excellent coin to be traded here.

  • 04 Jul
    Crypto Eric

    Crypto needs science and science needs crypto Newton Coin Project is one of its kind and with cancer and other diseases on the rise we need projects that focus on issues.

  • 04 Jul

    Newton coin project

  • 04 Jul

    Really Good Coin! Thumbs Up for this Project ☺️☺️☺️

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