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Rupee coin started in 2016.
NO ICO. decentralised, open-source blockchain cryptocurrency coin, based on Litecoin source code. Trades under symbol RUP. Approximately 24 million Rupee coins circulating..The name-recognition of Rupee as a brand is designed to be the go to digital currency for South Asia,but it's not related in any way to the fiat Rupee currencies of South Asia.trades on Cryptopia & CoinExchange
Rupee 2.0 hybrid version of DASH blockchain
Lyra2REv2 Hard Fork (ASIC resistant) GPU MINING Staking reward will be set at 35%
The modified/hybrid DASH code allows us to make transactions in complete privacy. So RUP will now become a Privacy Currency
A whole new desktop wallet is being created for Rupee 2.0
Coin Swap 1:1
Code change commences on June 1st , ends on July 1st
Premine: 3.5 million
Total Supply: 84,000,000

Suggested by: m c

Under consideration

Comments: 52

  • 02 May

    Rupee let your wealth grow.

  • 03 Jun
    Lck crypto

    Rupee 2.0! Masternodes, private/insta send. Love it!

  • 04 Jun

    Rupee and with their rupeebase will be massive in Asia

  • 12 Jun
    An Truong

    Rupee. Bright future

  • 13 Jun

    Rupee 2.0 ! Staking + MN + privacy coin. very fast & very cheap tx. Be ready !

  • 18 Jun

    A real hidden gem with massive potential! POS coin with relative low supply targeting a mass market in south asia and india. Do your own math. This coin will be grow a lot in near future!

  • 18 Jun

    Rupee \m/ moonnñnn

  • 20 Jun
    Coin walla

    Rupee base rupee brand recognition will take off Asia to higher level.

  • 20 Jun
    John Richard

    Rupee is for people of South Asia for huge market and remittance from USA and canada as well.

  • 21 Jun

    Rupee for Asia low supply and high demand

  • 22 Jun

    This coin is the perfect storm for success. Proof of Stake, an awesome community, upcoming mobile wallets,, and many irons in the fire directed at demand creation. An opportunity of a lifetime! Don't miss out!

  • 22 Jun

    Rupee is foe people by people.. 😊

  • 23 Jun
    Ricky v

    Rupee is for Asia the next Bitcoin of Asia. The brand name recognition gives it all

  • 23 Jun

    Rupee has one of the kindest communities and admins I have ever seen. After the swap I'm pretty sure it will boom within 5 months! Gogo Rupee!

  • 24 Jun

    Rupee,,,, Masternodes are the future....!

  • 26 Jun

    Rupee by it's very name, along with the great team, is bound for success.

  • 27 Jun

    I'm staking right now. It's as easy as holding your coins in your wallet and get payed for that ;)

  • 27 Jun
    Mike Delagrange

    Most helpful and patient team of developers and support people that I have seen. I'm very excited to be involved with such a professional project.

  • 28 Jun

    Rupee is from the people for the people. Great Community, great spirit and great vision! Also Masternodes and POS.

  • 30 Jun
    Stephan p

    Hidden gem of South Asia! Rupee

  • 30 Jun
    Stephan p

    Hidden gem of South Asia

  • 30 Jun
    Robert LK

    This gem is truly for Asia. It's the hidden gem of Asia

  • 30 Jun

    The best team and supporters all time to members. Masternodes i love it. Masternodes are the future. Rupee community is called rupsters wow...

  • 01 Jul

    Rupee with masternodes n e-commerce will b top in Asian market.

  • 01 Jul

    strong rupee for everyone !

  • 02 Jul

    Go go rupee Asia wants you.. M

  • 02 Jul
    Vikram cv

    Rupee is future of asia

  • 02 Jul

    I lov rupee

  • 02 Jul

    Low supply always is the best. Rupee and earn more with Masternodes

  • 02 Jul
    George larry

    Rupee to Masternodes moon

  • 02 Jul

    Go rupee bring Asia bright full future

  • 02 Jul
    Sheik riya

    Rupee love

  • 02 Jul

    Low supply coin targeting a mass market in india and south asia. Great name brand because fiat rupee is well known for billions. Combined with POS (staking, masternodes, privatsend and instandsend) this hidden gem will attract a lot of people! Do your own math! ;) RUPEE IS FROM THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE. RUP IS HERE TO STAY!!!

  • 04 Jul
    Nikhil T

    Rupee and Rupeebase implementation wow

  • 05 Jul
    m c

    65% ROI on MasterNodes &/OR . 35% for just staking them passively in the new Rupee wallet -

  • 06 Jul

    Great community, great plan for the future and great developments going on as we speak! Rupee is going to become a gem in the future with a beautiful ROI on the masternodes of at least 15% a year, but currently it is around 80% a year. Do the math;)

  • 07 Jul

    Great community

  • 07 Jul
    Baga s

    Yes this is 💎 gem of Asia

  • 08 Jul

    Rupee is interesting coin.

  • 09 Jul

    Great vision for Asia (from Japan)

  • 10 Jul

    great return on investment from masternodes

  • 10 Jul
    Shue John

    From Malaysia we are waiting for rupee to explode wow.

  • 12 Jul

    I love rupee the most with low supply n higher demand with masternodes and staking. Brand name recognition for 8 countries.. I lov it. It's a perfect coin for Asia

  • 12 Jul
    Deekshith t

    Rupee vision is awesome for Asia and India

  • 12 Jul
    maden peter

    massive potential goooooooooooooo rupee

  • 12 Jul

    Rupee is one of my favorite coins. Awesome name brand. With mass adoption in india and south asia this coin will fly sky high!!!
    For sure a sleeping crypto-giant!!!

    Nice community, hard working devs who are delivering on time and a lot of things in the pipeline (mobile wallets for example). Rupee Blockchain is here to stay

  • 13 Jul

    Strong team and dedication I see to deliver everything on time. Rupee fits for Asia

  • 14 Jul

    Rupee good ROI from Masternodes

  • 14 Jul
    Slatan H.

    Perfect coin for long term holding. Low supply and huge demand in near future with south asian massmarket.

  • 15 Jul
    peter T

    Rupee is a hybrid coin using features of Dash with a supply of Litecoin. Both of those coins are very successful, well into the top 20 generating an incredible amount of revenue within the exchanges they are listed. It is one of few coins that uses masternodes and proof of stake system. This allows for anybody to collect return on investment (ROI). The brand name Rupee has history and it's fiat counterpart is currently being used by 25% of the worlds population, which is roughly 1.9 billion

  • 15 Jul

    With Rupee there is a strong possibility that could capture, at minimum 10% of that market (190 million traders) in the years to come. for the demand creation and global multi-dimensional expansion. There is a development fund of 6 million Rupee and a charity project that will spread Rupee to over 1000 charities across India and South Asia. This coin is made for the people, by the people and will bring a better tomorrow by displacing the multi-billion dollar industry involving remittances;

  • yesterday
    andy sheu

    massive potiential this one for sure

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