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Rupee coin started in 2016.
NO ICO. decentralised, open-source blockchain cryptocurrency coin, based on Litecoin source code. Trades under symbol RUP. Approximately 24 million Rupee coins circulating..The name-recognition of Rupee as a brand is designed to be the go to digital currency for South Asia,but it's not related in any way to the fiat Rupee currencies of South Asia.trades on Cryptopia & CoinExchange
Rupee 2.0 hybrid version of DASH blockchain
Lyra2REv2 Hard Fork (ASIC resistant) GPU MINING Staking reward will be set at 35%
The modified/hybrid DASH code allows us to make transactions in complete privacy. So RUP will now become a Privacy Currency
A whole new desktop wallet is being created for Rupee 2.0
Coin Swap 1:1
Code change commences on June 1st , ends on July 1st
Premine: 3.5 million
Total Supply: 84,000,000


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