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this token was created on the waves platform. It is a token for people to exchange and encourage bm among people. A token with no functional purpose inside some mechanism, but with the purpose of making people love more and say this to whom or to what they love.



Fixed supply: 200,000,000

Symbol: ILove

Token name: Ilove Token

Decimals: 8

Re-issuable: no

Asset ID: 4PizgfevG8ogHPYr8f3WL7YgqBaxxjgKChEygtaYxkNx

Platform: Waves Platform

Token Utility: spread Ilove among people, send and receive Ilove.

Distribution: 90% of the total will be airdrop, prizes and donated to the community.

Make it when people look at their crypto wallets they get more than numbers and money. Remember to share and say ILove. Seeking to change the way people interact, encouraging these people to tell one another that there is room for love through what unites us, after all, we are in love with crypto.

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Not planned

Comments: 1,210

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